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A 15,000 ft. Valentine’s Day

What is something you’ve always wanted to do? Look to your bucket list, or the things that you’ve said, “I’ll do that someday,” without ever considering when ‘someday’ may be. Why haven’t you done it yet? For me, that was skydiving. Always the thrill-seeker, it’s something that was added to my list of desires very […]


Monthly Challenges 2018

Happy New Year! 2017 is over, and whether you had a great year, or couldn’t wait for it to end, we have a new chapter to look forward to. Yesterday looked a lot like today, and the only thing that really changes is the -18 and taxes, but having this annual reset is a great […]


Three Stones

While on tour with Cirque Du Soleil in Japan, I spent one day off with an incredible team to work on this project. Here is the link to the video: THREE STONES Please share on social media and beyond. The press release is below: Screen captures and staff credits:   — Staff Credit Production by […]


Peet’s Cold Brew – Taste Test and Review

Peet’s Coffee, a San Francisco-based coffee company has recently launched a new line of packaged cold brew. There’s six main drinks and I’ve taken the time to taste them all… for the love of coffee! The following is a completely biased, unscientific study conducted in my dorm room and around campus at Stanford University. Peet’s […]


Stanford: Second Attempt

Have you ever had a moment of Déjà Vu? As if you’ve been there before, had the same conversation, or experienced the same series of events? This happens to me more often than i’m comfortable with, but this time specifically, it’s not just a case of deja vu… It’s New Student Orientation week, and just […]


On Tour With Totem – Brussels, Belgium

The end is near. Maybe it’s goodbye forever, maybe it’s a temporary break while I complete a degree. Only time will tell if I’ll ever return to the circus stage, and my emotions have been swinging back and forth about it for a while now. I arrived in Brussels after a long journey, starting in […]