I was born in Tokyo, Japan. 1996.

My family moved to Minnesota when I was around 5 years old. Every year, we’d go back and forth between Japan and America, although the trips became less frequent over the years. I speak both Japanese and English.

During high school, I attended the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts for music, and the University of Minnesota full-time during my junior and senior years.  The majority of my free time was spent at Circus Juventas.

I began my journey at Stanford University in the autumn of 2014. Originally a physics/engineering major, my short time on the farm was packed-full of fun.

Then I was offered a job for Spiegelworld’s, “Absinthe,” as a duo aerial straps artist, touring Australia (Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney). I then began performing in Cirque Du Soleil’s, “TOTEM,” as the pink lady in the rings trio act. I was with this show throughout the Japan tour (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sendai), Russia (Sochi), and Belgium (Brussels).

Recently, I’ve returned to Stanford University to continue my studies with the intended major of Symbolic Systems. I’m also working on the side project of taking over the world.

What’s next?

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